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4 Steps of Spring Deep Cleaning

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Why spring cleaning is essential in South Florida

So spring is here, and the hot one for South Florida! And it’s time for spring deep cleaning! There is a reason spring cleaning is such a popular term and is equally essential for us living in warm climates year long. So besides changing the decor, what’s behind is valid for any place our homes may be.
For us residing here year-round, deep cleaning and organization will provide comfort and satisfaction. While for those leaving for the season, it is not just the perfect opportunity to evaluate the needs of your residence and also safe-keep your furniture and belongings while you are away.
So let’s start with deep cleaning.

1. Make a plan for spring cleaning10 Points Of Standard & Deep Cleaning

Look into several dates that will work for you. Get help from a family member or a friend, or hire a cleaning service. Some areas of the house may require professional assistance, like carpet and upholstery cleaning, HVAC servicing, or gutter cleaning. Finding such professionals can be challenging, so ask your friends and neighbors, and look on sites like Angi and Yelp to check for reviews.
Of course, hiring a company like ours for your deep cleaning can make this task easier. We approach each deep cleaning scenario with knowledge and care at Clean Couture—such elements as moving furniture and appliances for vacuuming, scrubbing, and moping.

2. Create a checklist

Take a tour of your home, and look at all the areas that must be addressed. Creating a checklist will assist you and your helpers in going through the daunting task more smoothly. Places like fans, baseboards, walls, and door frames also need thorough attention. Some tricky spots can be cleaned instead of hiring a pricey painting service. Also, decluttering and organizing can make your home more spacious and enjoyable. And we also offer services to help you with such needs.
Returning to hiring professionals to help you in your task, consider what you can delegate or do yourself. For example, washing or dry cleaning draperies can make your house feel and smell cleaner, as textile trap dust, odors, and allergens.
Also, take stock of your cleaning supplies. You may need to buy or replace what you have, and creating a separate list of supplies is helpful.
Now that you have lists ready psych yourself up for the task!

3. Cleaning and prepping for long-term absence

And if you are leaving for the season, here is the perfect time to assess your furniture condition. Consider polishing your wood furniture, which can create a protective seal against moisture and salt, and covering upholstered furniture. It’s also helpful to deep clean bathrooms and kitchens because dirt and grime are the perfect breading sources for mold, which may be hard to remove later. Inspect your house for any cracks that can let in moisture and vermin.

4. Enjoy and reward yourself!

Consider it a treat whether you completed this task alone or with someone’s help. It may be a dinner out, a trip to the spa, or just taking a break in your newly cleaned space and enjoying the fruits of your labor.
Express your gratitude with small things and enjoy the moment at your clean, spacious, and orderly home!

Happy Spring, Everyone!